So this summer I have the wonderful opportunity to work within Yellowstone National Park. Pretty cool, huh? Jealous? No, not yet? Well, what if I say that I’ll also be helping to lead worship services every week within the park itself? That’s right, not only do I get to live in a national park for the summer, I also get to worship there all summer long in the beauty of God’s creation!

I’ll be volunteering with an organization called A Christian Ministry in the National Parks. They’ve been leading interdenominational services in national parks since 1951. The mission of ACMNP is to extend and embody the ministry of Jesus Christ through worship, witness, and the development of Christian leaders. This is actually my second year with them. My first summer at seminary (2013) was spent at Mesa Verde National Park. I am serving, as I was then, as a worship team leader. This summer, I’ll be working as a kitchen crew member at the Roosevelt Lodge. Then every Sunday, my teammates and I will lead a worship service at the local amphitheater. The great thing is that we won’t be the only ones leading a worship service. There are multiple teams at Yellowstone and there are teams all over the country at most of the national parks. Seriously, if you ever find yourself at a national park, just ask around and see if there’s a worship service.

But, I could use some help. This is an exciting opportunity but I know that it will have challenges of its own. Please, would you pray for me and all of us who are going to do God’s work in His creation? Prayers are an important way to help and support us as we do His ministry.

And, if you’d like to learn more about ACMNP, just check out their site:


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