Today marks the completion of my first week and start of the second of my time here at Roosie. I just wished my sinuses loved this place this place as much as I do. I’ll be ok once I’m adjusted but I could do without the unpleasantness of the transition. Luckily I’ve had the past couple of days off to rest up and heal, so hopefully, I’ll be good again tomorrow. But, man, what a week it has been. I’ll try to mention everything in a timely manner, but there’s so much I could talk about. I’ll start a little with the people here. There are two men who I would ask that you keep in your prayers. I’m not going to share their names or their exact situations, but both, who started with me last week, have left already under different, yet serious circumstances. If you pray for them, Jesus as High Priest and Intercessor will know who you mean. It’s just so crazy though. One of them was my first roommate who left half a week in essentially and the other was a fellow believer who is still working through his own redemption and what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. I had quite a few good, deep, Spirit-filled talks with the latter even on the day which would be his last here. It’s just really goes to show you how little time you may have to impact someone, and sometimes just how little it takes to make an impact. I happened to have a car and was able to give these guys rides to run errands and such; through these rides, there was plenty of time to talk and share stories of life and faith. It may seem weird that I’ve only known these guys for a short while, but I still care for them. I’m really going to miss one of them especially, because there was so much connection in our talks about faith. I hope to stay connected with him, but considering the situation, I know that we won’t always be able to communicate.

Yet these aren’t the only situations of Spirit-filled conversations. Just last night I was able to sit and talk for hours with a couple of guys who come from very different backgrounds than myself. The conversation started much earlier with one of those guys and I was essentially able to begin sharing the entire narrative of Scripture. This telling is obviously an on-going project, but he’s so interested in hearing the scripture narrative. He asks so many questions and is truly hungry to know more. The other guy, who is much older, has an interesting faith story and he is grateful that I am here as one who is going through proper schooling for theology so that he might learn more from me. It’s been really interesting overall, because God has been so busy preparing and bringing all of us here together. There are so many people who have begun asking about ACMNP and the worship services that we’ll be leading. I was wearing one of my ACMNP hats and a man approached me in the employee dining room (EDR) and started a conversation that way. Another person saw the bibles I keep in my cabin and asked me if I went to church locally here and that started another conversation. Of course I’ve been proactive in mentioning ACMNP whenever I can, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting this large of a result. I’ve met quite a few people who are even willing to help out because they have some sort of ministry background as well. I’m so excited to start the worship services here, especially now that the entire team is here. Earlier this week, we had an orientation for ACMNP and I was able to see some friends that I made at training as well as friends from Asbury. I even met some new friends who have been following my adventures already (thank you for your encouragement and support). It’s totally a different experience with ACMNP here at Yellowstone than it was for me at Mesa Verde. Because there are multiple teams here, there are more opportunities for encouraging one another and sharing our stories as we occasionally go out on own our outings together. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyways, I’m really excited about this summer.

As for the work side of things, everything’s been a bit slow. The Lodge doesn’t officially open until the 10th of June (next week), so there’s not been a whole lot of activity that will be the norm here. The last of the staff has come or is coming in today, so there’ll be a lot of new people to meet and greet. I’ve already got two new roommates over the past couple of days; they seem like cool guys, but I just haven’t had the chance to really get to know them yet. That’ll come soon enough though.  I’m working in the kitchen by the way. I don’t remember if I ever mentioned that. My official position is Kitchen Crew, but my main duty is officially “Dish-pot” but we all just call it Dish-pit. There are actually dishwashers here! Like actual industrial dishwashers that clean and sanitize, which makes my job much easier. This is the largest kitchen I’ve ever worked in, and well, considering my previous experiences, maybe that’s not so hard to comprehend. I’d still like to move up and learn more about cooking, but if dish-pit is where I need to be, then I’ll happily serve. I’ll still be in the kitchen and I’m friends with the cooks, so I’ll learn something even if I’m not preparing food myself. So yeah, it’ll be interesting how things progress in the next week as we actually open. Life will be different, but I know that it’ll still be good. I mean, God is still on the throne, Yellowstone is a beautiful place which screams of His glory. Life is good, because God is good. All the other things are just extra blessings that I look forward to receiving.


Also, I’ve discovered a better setting on my phone for pictures out here, so you may see some better quality photos once I get the chance to get out and take some more. So, until next time…


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