Hello again! I know it’s only been a few days, but as the pattern has been, so much can happen in so little. I went on my first hike yesterday. It was an adventure and a misadventure all at the same time. It was supposed to be a group hike with ACMNP, but for the Team at Roosie, we sort of missed the rest of the group. This was in part due to a missing road sign that would have pointed us in the right direction. We started hiking a trail hoping to catch up and learned later, but thankfully not too far in, that we were on the wrong trail. After finding our way to the right place, Dave Gable, who is a local pastor and volunteer with ACMNP as well, met us and walked the way with us. I still had to work that afternoon so I had to turn back a little early, but it was still quite the adventure. I’m still not used to the altitude and it was quite the work out just climbing a hill. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Dave and my other teammate. Although, I have a serious sunburn now. I have a legitimate stockpile of sunscreen and totally didn’t even think about putting it on that morning. But I was wearing long sleeves, which were rolled to my elbows, so the tan lines are very unique. A coworker told me that he heard the “Neapolitan” tan is the thing this year, so yeah….

But now, let’s talk about work. I am no longer a member of the Kitchen Crew. I accepted a promotion out of the dishes and into another spot that is still technically in the kitchen, but definitely separate in its own sense. It’s a serious job, which comes with a lot of responsibility. If I mess up, it’d be seriously bad for business. I am now Storekeeper. I manage the entire inventory for the Lodge, the cookout (a wagon-traveled, Western dinner with entertainment, which feeds like 200 people a night), and the EDR. So, if we’re ever out of something, I’m the guy to blame. I buy the inventory, I stock and replace the inventory, and for some things like the frozen meats that need to thaw, I prepare the inventory for the chefs. It’s a lot to do, but vital for the functioning of everything essentially. I had my first day today. The training for it is much like riding a bicycle, at some point you just have to start doing it and figure out how to get better as you go. It was kind of crazy how I got here though. I went in to work Sunday night and I had 7 different people come talk to me or at least ask me about it, including some of the executive staff. At some point, I told myself that if one more person asked me, then I knew it would be a sign from God; but then I laughed and told myself that I’m not Gideon and shouldn’t put the Lord to the test like that…….and then one more person did ask…. It is a little bit of a pay raise, which is nice, because that always helps. I think this is the most I’ve ever been paid hourly now (not including previous salaried positions; teaching would win that award). Anyways, we’ll be in full business at the end of this week, so I’ll be quite busy making sure everything is ready. Everyone believes I’ll do a good job and I believe I will too, I just know it’s quite an adjustment from dishes to storekeeper. Anyways, once again, this is proving to be an interesting summer full of possibilities. And so the adventure continues…


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