Hey! I figured it was about time for another update. I actually tried to write one last week, but I was too tired. And that’s a good summary for the majority of how I feel right now: tired. With the new job, I ended up working about 12 hours overtime and overtime doesn’t kick in until 48 hours….and it looks like I might be heading towards another 60 hour week this week, or at least close to it. The flow of the days here seems to take over all of our lives. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. If it weren’t for my activities with ACMNP, I may be more like one of my coworkers today who had no idea what day it is today. But it’s the blur that kind of concerns me. I drive past bison now without thinking anything by it. I walk around and forget to look up and around at all the beauty that surrounds me. Ironically, or probably not so, my sermon this morning had something to say about missing the small miracles happening all around us. It’s sad that we can be so on the lookout for the extraordinary that we forgot that God created the “ordinary” as well. Those moments that seem so mundane and everyday are moments where God can still be glorified. In the hustle and bustle of work, there is an opportunity to bring God along, not forgotten at the swipe of a card at a timeclock. I just started a devotional series. Actually, it was a book I got for free from Asbury a while ago called The Intercessory Life. It’s beginning to help change my focus already because I have been looking for opportunities where I can pray to Christ to intercede on my behalf and on the behalf of others. I am thankful though for opportunities like today where I can step away and get fresh perspective in ll the business at Roosie (which by the way is pronounced “Rosy,” so you may see me spell it different ways in the future).  And speaking of Rosie, we’ve officially opened and we’re super busy. It was quite a bit of work jumping into such an important position right before opening. Yesterday was tough, mainly because my week started with a 14 hour day and they have been getting shorter, but there’s so much work. Especially since we’ve been a little understaffed, including most recently the position of the head chef.  One of my coworkers told me today that I’m no longer allowed to have days off and another told me yesterday that I was the rock of the kitchen. I think he told me this mainly because everyone relies on me to get the job done so that they can do theirs, but I wonder if it’s not a deeper opportunity than just that. I have an extremely important role in the kitchen and I have the opportunity to see the most people throughout the day because I interact with all the staff: cooks, dish crew, servers, management. My attitude and disposition can affect quite a number of people. I can’t deny that things have been crazy in the kitchen and it creates a lot of opportunities for intercessory prayer. I remember one day this week, after feeling myself the frustration and the stress from everyone I said a prayer that frustration and stress be turned into laughter and just a couple of minutes later, there was a huge emotional shift and people started laughing again instead of complaining with one another. Overall though, I can’t help but think, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” There’s a lot of great opportunity out here. I just hope I can find the balance between seeking all that I can and rest. Sabbath and rest are very important to being able to keep seeking with full strength and awareness. Only through rest will I have the energy to do what is necessary.

On other notes, we had/have our second week of services today. Services are going well, even though I still wish we had someone who could play a guitar for us. I ended up preaching this week as well as last week. I think the others will be ready next week with messages of their own. I am confident that they will do well despite their own nervousness about preaching. I understand well enough having just faced this past semester my own personal issues with preaching (which turned out to be non-issues with overbearing cautiousness). I had the opportunity to use the sermon I had prepared for that class, which I had written for this particular context. It’s funny though. I wasn’t planning on using it, but I just felt the Spirit lead me that way last night and so it was decided. I think it was a message we all needed to hear this morning. I’m hoping that it will be of good use to someone tonight as well. And that begin said, there are some things that I need to take care of while I have the time. So for now I’ll be signing off. Until next time….


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